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Ohio Fuel Fund


The Ohio Fuel Fund Grant Program is designed to assist residential customers with the payment of their electric bill to maintain their service, or to assist in establishing service for new electric service applicants who have an unpaid bill from a previous residence.  This program support is provided through FirstEnergy corporate funds.  Applicants for grant assistance must meet certain household income and other program qualification requirements.  Approved grants are applied directly to utility bills.  

FirstEnergy (Cleveland Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison) Ohio Fuel Fund


Contact: ODSA at 1-800-848-1300 or your local Community Action Agency.

You can also contact First Energy at 1-800- 589-3101 (Cleveland Illuminating Co.); 1-800-633-4766, (Ohio Edison); 1-800- 447-3333, (Toledo Edison).


Benefit: Up to $300. If you qualify because of a hardship, you may receive up to $500.

Eligibility: Household earnings at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. Applicants must have an active account with a balance past due.

Applicants must have made a payment within the last 90 days.


Availability: Year-round, or until funds run out. Apply early in the year to ensure funds are available.

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