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Winter Crisis begins November 1, 2023 and runs through March 31, 2023.  All applications MUST be submitted by the deadline to qualify for assistance.  The household's main heating source and/or related electric energy source must be either in disconnect status, have been terminated, need to establish new service, need to transfer service, have PIPP Plus default, or need a first PIPP Plus payment.  Income eligible households may qualify for assistance as follows:
     * Regulated Natural Gas/related electric - up to $175 (combined);
     * Non-Regulated - up to $750 (combined);
     * Bulk Fuel/Propane/Fuel Oil/ & Kerosene - up to $1,200 (combined with electric where 
     * Coal or Wood - up to $650 (limited wood vendors, please call for more information);
     * Homeowners who need Furnace Repair - up to $1,500 toward repair or replacement
       (additional costs may require a co-pay).

Please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:
     * Copies of citizenship for every household member;
     * Proof of household income for the last 30 days immediately prior to your appointment
       date (if you are unsure it will count, make sure you bring everything and we will 
       determine if it is countable income, or not);
     * Copies of BOTH of your utility bills (gas & electric, bulk-fuel & electric, etc.) or, at
       minimum, the current account numbers.

Call now for appointments or for more information:
Appointments - 419-901-9539
Erie County - 419-626-4320
Huron County - 419-668-9823
Richland County - 419-589-2520

Thank you!

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