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There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves. ~Lyndon B. Johnson~

Board of Trustees


Serving Erie, Huron & Richland Counties!

Scheduled Board Meeting Dates For 2019

January 10, 2019


February 14, 2019 


March 14, 2019 


April 11, 2019 


May 09, 2019

Annual Luncheon

Milan, Oh

June 27, 2019

Board Retreat


July 2019

No Meeting 

August 08, 2019


September 12, 2019


October 10, 2019 


November 14, 2019 


December 2019 

No Meeting 

2019 Board Members

  • Ms. Rebecca Aseweje

  • Ms. Holly Binkley

  • Mr. Pervis D. Brown Jr.

  • Mrs. Stefanie Caldwell

  • Ms. Heather Carman

  • Pastor Wayne Chasney

  • Mr. Jacob Coy

  • Ms. Marilyn Dillon

  • Mr. John Jacobs

  • Ms. Sherri Marshall

  • Ms. Emma Moore

  • Ms. Christina Raftery

  • Ms. Mary Sanders

  • Ms. Annie Schafer

  • Mayor Steven Schag

  • Ms. Vicki Slaughter

  • Mr. James Watkins

  • Mr. Robert Westerfield


  • JUNE Governance & Management Retreat will be held June 27, 2019 at 1058 Event center located 1058 Cleveland Rd W, Sandusky, OH 44870. 

Annual Report

2016 Report (pdf)

2017 Report (pdf)

2018 Report (coming soon)

2019 Report

Minutes & Agenda

January Minutes & Agenda (pdf)

February Minutes & Agenda(pdf)

March  Minutes & Agenda (pdf)

April Minutes & Agenda (pdf)

May Minutes & Agenda(pdf)

June Minutes & Agenda (pdf)

CACEHR Board Directory 

Name  Email 
Ms. Rebecca Aseweje raseweje@cacehr.org 
Ms. Holly Binkley  hbinkley@cacehr.org 
Mr. Pervis D. Brown Jr.  pbrown@cacehr.org 
Mrs. Stefanie Caldwell scaldwell@cacher.org 
Ms. Heather Carman  hcarman@cacehr.org 
Pastor Wayne Chasney wchasney@cacehr.org 
Mr. Jacob Coy  jcoy@cacehr.org 
Ms. Marilyn Dillon  mdillon@cacehr.org 
Mr. John Jacobs  jjacobs@cacehr.org 
Ms. Sherri Marshall smarshall@cacehr.org 
Ms. Emma Moore  emoore@cacehr.org 
Ms. Christina Raftery  craftery@cacehr.org 
Ms. Mary Sanders  msanders@cacehr.org 
Ms. Annie Schafer  aschafer@cacehr.org 
Mayor Steven Schag sschag@cacehr.org 
Ms. Vicki Slaughter  vslaughter@cacehr.org 
Mr. James Watkins  jwatkins@cacehr.org 
Mr. Robert Westerfield  rwesterfield@cacehr.org